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A counseling practice providing services from a competent Christian Perspective  

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Renewing Life, Hope and Destiny using our unique counseling approach to healing lives.  Are you in search of a christian-counselor but contemplated the idea of seeing a counselor because you feel embarrassed?  Relax your fears, you located the right agency to help you get over your anxiety.  Whether you are seeking change in your behavior, emotions, relationships or even your career, you have come to a safe and comfortable place to explore what changes you would like to engage and lead you to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  RYD goal is to empower you to take control of your destiny in a collaborative way by providing customized  counseling tailored to meet each individual needs.


Welcome! You have taken the first step toward reaching your goals as a family!  For those new to counseling, the thought of counseling may produce feelings of fear, anxiety, shame, or contemplation.However, this calm, safe, and serene therapeutic environment is a place where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings without judgement. RYD believes working with the family to develop treatment plans with goals, will utilize the family personal strengths and skills to facilitate progress in developing control of  your emotions, behavior and more importantly, your life.

Marriage Counseling

Are you experiencing marital conflicts due to finances, stress, trauma, irreconcilable differences, blended families, life challenges or domestic violence? If you answered yes, please do not fear, help is here. RYD goal is to encourage change, advocate forgiveness, build upon strengths and empower marriages (one male; one female) to integrate divine guidance and  wisdom into their every day lives.  Using various counseling and healing approaches, RYD work with couples to help move them towards living a happier and successful life together.  RYD uniquely devises a specialized plan tailored to the needs of each couple to challenge complex issues and help repair the broken pieces.

If you are seeking Christian marital counseling, RYD is the choice for you. You may start out enduring painful situations but the rewards of your efforts to change are priceless. Your experience will leave you with improved communication, creative interventions, a deeper understanding of God’s ultimate source for marriages and the blessing of a happy marriage.

"A family that PRAYS together STAYS together!"